Future challenges and resilience of farming systems in Europe

Tuesday 18 May
9.00 Room ASURE-Farm approach to assess the resilience of Europe’s diverse farming systemsMiranda Meuwissen, Wageningen UniversityMiranda Meuwissen
9.15 Room A Keynote “Future agricultural management conditions – perceptions and pathways” [30 min + 15 min Q]Katharina Helming, Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF)
10.00 BREAK (Networking room)
10.15SURE-Farm Final videoMiranda Meuwissen
10.20 Room ASURE-Farm Pitches & Questions: 3 key findings [max 3 slides] & 3 questions from the audience [3 min pitch, 4 min for Q, 1 min for change]Miranda Meuwissen
- Farm demographic issues with regard to resilience; the way forwardAlfons Balmann, IAMO
- The role of policy; enhancing or constraining resilience?Peter Feindt, Humboldt University at Berlin; Katrien Termeer, Wageningen University
- Integrated resilience assessments; what do they reveal about the resilience of farming systems in Europe?Pytrik Reidsma, Wageningen University
- Roadmaps to enhance resilience; the role of farming systems actors and the enabling environment Erwin Wauters, ILVO; Erik Mathijs, KU Leuven
- Diverse case studies: what did we learn from the diversity in Europe?Kasia Zawalińska, Polish Academy of Sciences
- The contribution of risk management to the resilience of farming systemsRobert Finger, ETH Zurich
- Applying the SURE-Farm approach to Covid-19; lessons learned Miranda Meuwissen, Wageningen University
11.15 BREAK (Networking room)
11.30 Room AShort reflections from the field [3 points per speaker, questions at the endRob Wessels, Bakker Barendrecht; Michiel Klompenhouwer, Rabobank; Sebastian Mahler, GVF Insurance; Inés Isabel la Moneda, MAPA; Koert Verkerk, FrieslandCampinaBárbara Soriano
12.15 Room AThe way forwardMiranda Meuwissen
12.30Closure day 1
Topic & presentersSession chair
Tuesday 19 May
1a Parallel session (9.00-10.00) Room ACurrent challenges - 1 [per paper: 15 min + 5 min Q]Yann de Mey
Room A Challenges, functions, and risk management strategies in complementary farming systems in the French-Italian beef production chain Francesco Accatino, Delphine Neumeister, Christèle Pineau, Igino Andrighetto, Giorgio Marchesini
Room APerception of external challenges: How do German organic vegetable farmers deal with climate change, new fertiliser regulation (DüV) and Corona?. Barbara Heinrich, Hildegard Garming, Hanna Wildenhues
1b Parallel session (9.00-10.00) Room BCurrent challenges - 2Bárbara Soriano
Room BPotential Influence of COVID-19 on Produce. Farmers’ Access to Markets and Welfare: The Case of Apple Farmers in Turkey. Haluk Gedikoglu
Room BFuture challenges and resilience of farming systems in Europe. Transformational change and resilience within the Finnish agrifood system. Irene Kuhmonen, Tuomas Kuhmonen
Room BChallenges, strategies and roadmaps for a resilience enabling environment in the small mixed farming system in Nord-Est region of Romania. Camelia Gavrilescu, Monica-Mihaela Tudor, Ioan-Sebastian Bruma, Krisztina-Melinda Dobay, Daniela Matei, Lucian Tanasa
10.00-10.15 BREAK (Networking room)
2a Parallel session (10.15-11.15) Room AQuantitative methods of resilience assessmentFranziska Appel
Room AIntegrated assessment of resilience of crop-livestock systems: An operational approach based on the MAELIA platform. Rui Catarino, Manon Dardonville, Renaud Misslin, Jean Villerd, Frederique Angevin and Olivier Therond
Room APotential synergies and trade-offs between efficiency and resilience in European farms. Murilo de Almeida Furtado, Miranda Meuwissen, Frederic Ang
Room AResilience revealed through total factor productivity decomposition in times of crises: comparative analyses of the Polish farming sectors. Katarzyna Zawalińska, Adam Wąs, Paweł Kobus, Katarzyna Bańkowska
2b Parallel session (10.15-11.15) Room BResilience in the context of climate changeYann de Mey
Room BHeatwaves, Resilience and Milk Production: Evidence from Sweden. Haseeb Ahmed, Lena-Mari Tamminen, Ulf Emanuelson
Room BFostering the resilience of a specialized farming system toward adverse weather events: the potential role of an income stabilization tool. Cinzia Zinnanti, Attilio Coletta, Michele Torrigiani, Simone Severini
Room BClimate change adaptation: Evidence from Austrian farms. Julian Zeilinger, Andreas Niedermayr, Abdul Quddoos, Jochen Kantelhardt
3. Plenary 11.15-12.00 Room ALessons learned about future challenges and resilience of farming systems: dialogue [15 min: session chairs present 3 observations per session (keep it short); 25 min: chair stimulates dialogue among session chairs and audience, e.g. through 2-3 propositions; 5 min: observer uses figure with three resilience capacities (robustness, adaptability, transformability) to conclude on focal capacities of day 2 sessions.] Chair: Alisa Spiegel, Observer: Mariya Peneva. Session chairs: Yann de Mey, Francesco Accatino, Franziska Appel, Bárbara Soriano
12.00 Room AClosure day 2Miranda Meuwissen
Thursday 20 May
4a Parallel session (9.00-10.00) Room AQualitative methods of resilience assessment [per paper: 15 min + 5 min Q]Camelia Gavrilescu
Room AA co-creation approach to learn about resilience: From regional to European scale. Bárbara Soriano, Isabel Bardají, Yannick Buitenhuis, Daniele Bertolozzi-Caredio, Jeroen Candel, Peter Feindt, Miranda Meuwissen, Wim Paas, Pytrik Reidsma, Carolina San Martín, Thomas Slijper, Alisa Spiegel, Alberto Garrido
Room AProfiling Flemish farmers by their resilience perceptions. Profiling Flemish farmers by their resilience perceptions
Room AStudying the Resilience of Farming Systems. Economic Theory Point of View. Dimitar Terziev, Hrabrin Bachev
4b Parallel session (9.00-10.00) Room BRisk and risk managementSimone Severini
Room BMapping global research on agricultural insurance. Shalika Vyas, Tobias Dalhaus, Martin Kropff, Pramod Aggarwal, Miranda P.M. Meuwissen
Room BDrivers of EU regions expenditure on the Risk Management Toolkit of the CAP. Amr Khafagy, Mauro Vigani, Robert Berry
Room BEconomic risk assessment of the quality label and productive efficiency strategies in Spanish extensive sheep farms. Daniele Bertolozzi-Caredio, Barbara Soriano, Isabel Bardaji, Alberto Garrido
10.00-10.15 BREAK (Networking room)
5 Plenary session (10.15-11.15) Room AThe role of non-farm actors Mauro Vigani
Room AImpact of Covid-19 on farming systems in Europe through the lens of resilience thinking. Miranda P.M. Meuwissen, Peter H. Feindt, Thomas Slijper, Alisa Spiegel, Robert Finger, Yann de Mey, Wim Paas, Catrien J.A.M. Termeer, P. Marijn Poortvliet, Mariya Peneva, Julie Urquhart, Mauro Vigani, Jasmine Black, Phillipa Nicholas-Davies, Damian Maye, Franziska Appel, Florian Heinrich, Alfons Balmann, Jo Bijttebier, Isabeau Coopmans, Erwin Wauters, Erik Mathijs, Helena Hansson, Carl-Johan Lagerkvist, Jens Rommel, Gordana Manevska-Tasevska, Francesco Accatino, F.14, Christèle Pineau, Bárbara Soriano, Isabel Bardaji, Simone Severini, Saverio Senni, Cinzia Zinnanti, Camelia Gavrilescu, Ioan-Sebastian Bruma, Krisztina-Melinda Dobay, Daniela Matei, Lucian Tanasa, Dan Marius Voicilas, Katarzyna Zawalińska, Piotr Gradziuk, Vitaliy Krupin, Anna Martikainen, Hugo Herrera, Pytrik Reidsma
Room AReviewing the costs, benefits, and resilience impacts of mixed farming on value chains. Guy Low, Miranda Meuwissen, Tobias Dalhaus
Room ASystem dynamics assessment to strengthen resilience and sustainability of farming systems. A participatory approach. Carolina San Martín, Hugo Herrera, Wim Paas, Pytrik Reidsma, Birgit Kopainsky, Daniele Bertolozzi-Caredio, Bárbara Soriano
6 Plenary 11.15-12.00 Room ALessons learned about future challenges and resilience of farming systems: short summary and dialogue. [15 min: session chairs present 3 observations per session (keep it short); 25 min: chair stimulates dialogue among session chairs and audience, e.g. through 2-3 propositions; 5 min: observer uses figure with three resilience capacities (robustness, adaptability, transformability) to conclude on focal capacities of day 3 sessions.] Chair: Uno Svedin; Observer: Kasia Zawalińska Session chairs: Camelia Gavrilescu, Simone Severini, Mauro Vigani
12.00 Room AClosure day 3Miranda Meuwissen

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